Why we do what we do

Green Sports Africa’s purpose is what drives us each day to achieve our hopes and dreams for football in this continent.


We strive to change the fate of every aspiring sports man or woman in Africa.


We aspire to enhance the environmental energy in which the company operates on in true entrepreneurial spirit.


As proud Africans we are intent on preserving and showcasing the unique African culture through all our services.

Our Dream

Around the world, almost every young child dreams of becoming a world-renowned football superstar. We, at Green Sports Africa, were no different. Born with dreams of playing for the likes of Arsenal and Barcelona on the world stage in front of thousands of adoring fans, we had something worth striving for.

Unfortunately growing up in Kenya, there was no clear structure to enable us to reach their dreams; no real opportunity of progressing through the ranks into the world of elite football. There were too many ifs, too many maybes, and just too much left out of our control.

This is the impetus on which Green Sports was founded — to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity in Kenya and Africa as a whole.

An U13 team supporting our #WeSpeakOneLanguage campaign at Platinum Cup 2016

Our Mission

We are on a mission to change the football scene in Africa.

Every action we take is towards that goal. Though many of us can no longer dream of wearing the iconic shirts of football folklore, we will take pride in seeing the future generation represent us. If we can no longer dream of playing in front of thousands, then we aspire to blaze a trail in enabling thousands of others to chase their footballing dreams.

Join us and together we will change the fate of African youngsters once and for all.

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