Football is for anyone and everyone

At Green Sports Africa, we believe in an open and fair chance for all Kenyans and we have incorporated a need based scholarship programme to aid any player that does not have the finances to join the academy. On top of that, our players get opportunities to represent Africa both continentally as well as on the world stage.

Although our tournaments help in promoting football in the country, we needed something more to develop the raw talent in our youth. We aspire to turn them into well-disciplined and capable athletes who can compete on the world stage. For this reason, we launched our football academy in October 2015.

Season I

The first instaLlment of the academy begun with two categories; Under 18 and Under 15 Boys, and implemented an off and on the pitch curriculum to ensure we mould the best players. Because the Green Sports Academy is tailored to the young African boy we also included a character-building curriculum to ensure players work hard and become champions long before they step on to the pitch. By maintaining key focus on our Green Sports philosophy, our world-class coaches are committed to ensuring our aspiring athletes are well equipped for the world stage.

Season II

The second installment of the academy which began in January 2016 consists of different categories; Under 19, Under 17, Under 15 and Under 13 Boys with the same philosophy and curriculum adopted in the first installment of the academy. Again, our aspiration is to train and develop our players, not only into great players, but whole and upstanding individuals.

Season III

After much research and learning from our first two seasons, we noticed that football academies in Kenya fail to thrive because school is much more of a priority for players and their parents alike. This is why for the next season we are looking to infuse education with our training as we believe players don’t need to give up one for the other. This will allow us to mould intelligent members of society both on and off the pitch. Season III is coming soon.