Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Green Sports Africa?

– Green Sports is a socially conscious enterprise focusing on bridging the gap between talent and opportunity as far as football in Africa is concerned. We have been in operation since December 2011 and have since matured to become the most prominent brand among high school and early university students with regard to the competitive sport outside school. Find out more about us here.

Will you have tournaments for other sports like basketball or rugby?

 – Unfortunately no as for now we are focusing on football because it is the sport we are most passionate about. However, if you have any ideas on how Green Sports Africa may partner with you or your organisation to keep supporting African sport, in general, we are welcome to hear it.


When is the next tournament?

– We have 3 tournaments each year; Kito Cup, Gold Cup and Platinum Cup. These tournaments take place in the months of April, August and December respectively. Open registration is posted on our social media and web platforms. Make sure to check our Facebook, Instagram and the website to be the first to find out about any upcoming tournament.

Kito Cup 2018 registration is now open!

How do I register for a tournament?

– You can do the following to register for our tournament:

 – Inbox us

 – DM us

 – Call us on +254717217751

 – WhatsApp us on +254716774798

 – Email us at

I’ve registered for the tournament, how do I do verification?

– Each team has a Green Sports official assigned to it. The Green Sports official while following up with your team will provide information about when and where to do verification. The verification time will be allocated based on when the team captain says is convenient for the team.

Please note that to do verification you must have cleared your tournament registration balance.

How do I find my fixtures?

– Fixtures will be sent to all captains and posted on Facebook at least one day before the tournament.

Please note that for your team to be featured on the fixture list all players must have verified and the tournament registration balance is cleared.

Can I get a refund?

 – These are Green Sports Africa’s financial policies on tournament registration:

  1. There will be no refunds to teams that are caught cheating before or during the tournament.
  2. 50% refund to a team that gives a two weeks notice of their intention of not participating in the tournament.
  3. 100% refund only when evidence of unavoidable circumstance is presented.
  4. No teams will be allowed to verify without clearing their balances.
  5. No teams will get receive their fixtures without clearing balance or having at least 7 members of the team verified.
  6. Team registration fee is not transferable.
  7. No team registration on credit or transfers from the previous tournament.


Can I join the academy?

 – Our academy is currently off season. Stay tuned on all our communication channels to be the first to know once academy registration commences.


What are trials?

 – At every tournament Green Sports hosts, a team of scouts keenly observe the proceedings, measuring performance with actionable metrics to spot the best talent. The best players make up what we call the Green XI, the best team in each category from our tournaments. Each Green XI then gets to participate in our trials, which is a match against a professional outfit in the presence of local and international scouts. The trials are a direct route for a chance at professional football as it is here that the scout witnesses our talented players and handpick those that would fit at their respective club/academy.

Can I be part of the trials?

 – The players selected for trials are carefully handpicked by our internal scouting team. The pool of players chosen come from the services we provided i.e. tournaments (and in the future Diamond League and the Academy). To stand a chance to be selected for trials make sure you register to participate in our services. All players have an equal and fair chance to be selected.