Gold Cup 2017 is anticipated to be one of the biggest tournaments of the year!

On 5th August, 100 teams (down from 200 due to Kenyan elections) will battle it out for a chance to be crowned as ‘Gold Cup Champions’.

There’s over 250,000 KES to be won, and more importantly, the chance of a life time.

Though hundreds of players are drawn purely by the spirit of competition at Gold Cup, this year’s tournament will also pioneer a unique opportunity for all its participants to make their dreams a reality.

Yes, my friends… This is more than a football tournament! It is the opportunity of a lifetime.

A chance to become a professional footballer!

Let’s find out how.

On 5th  August, you and your team will play several games with the hope of being crowned Gold Cup Champions. However, whilst you play, Green Sports has specially selected 11 scouting officials (one per pitch) who will watch and evaluate every player from each age group—this ensures that every player will have a fair chance to be evaluated and assessed. From there, these scouting officials will select 22 of the most talented players in each age group.

These 22 players in each age group will then be invited for trials happening on the 28th to the 30th of August, in front of professional scouts from countries such as Sweden, Belgium, Greece and Norway.

Note that, before the trials, all the selected players will be trained over a two-day period in preparation.

On the trial dates, the U23 and U18 select squads will both be showcased in a game against Kenyan Premier League outfit Sofapaka. Whilst the U13 and U15 squads will be showcased in an inter-squad scrimmage.

The invited scouts will watch and evaluate players over this period and proclaim their interest in players who earn their recognition. All trial games will also be recorded on film and available for all participants to use in their professional CVs.

This is your time!

If you are talented enough to be one of the players selected for the trial games in front of foreign scouts, our advice is to take advantage of the opportunity. Our goal, as Green Sports, is simply to bring the opportunity to your doorstep… only YOU can seize it!

Come ready and set for 5th August, and it could be the beginning of the dream you’ve always wanted.

To register your team, contact us on our hotline, or reach us through WhatsApp.

— +254717217751

— +24716774798

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